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Brussels, 20 January 2015

MEP Dinner Briefing : Essentials of a European Circular Economy
And the role of the Container Glass Industry

When? Tuesday 20 January, 18:30 - 21:30 Where? European Parliament, Members' Salon


The European Container Glass Federation (FEVE)
Environmental, social and economic contribution of the Container Glass sector in Europe

The Container Glass sector in Europe brings value to Europe’s social, environmental and economic welfare according to findings from an Ernst & Young study commissioned by FEVE “Environmental, social and economic contribution of the container glass sector in Europe.

Industries that help further a circular economy should be supported” commented Seb Dance, Member of the European Parliament with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, at the dinner debate “Essentials of a European Circular Economy” where the study was presented. “In times of sluggish economic growth, we need to encourage long-term and sustainable business models that are able to turn waste into reusable resources and by doing so support the creation of stable, local jobs in the EU.”

Closed loop bottle to bottle recycling is key to making the Circular Economy real,” commented Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General of FEVE – “Closed loop recycling decouples the demand for resources against much needed growth in Europe. This is a major opportunity for the European economy to get out of deep water.

Glass Packaging Industry
Making the EU Circular Economy Real
Press Release [PDF]

Glass Packaging Industry in a Circular Economy
turning Waste in a Valuable
Position Paper [PDF]

Final Report - 11/2014 [PDF]
The presentation [PDF]

Video "Making the EU Circular Economy Real"

Download the Infographic [PDF]


For more Information on the event, you can contact Michael Delle Selve, FEVE Senior Communications Manager

FEVE - the European Container Glass Federation - Tel +32 2 536 00 80 - e-mail: m.delleselve@feve.org